financial Help for You!!

'Life isn't about how to
survive the storm, but
how to dance in the rain.

I claimed it for you - now claim it for me.
God has more than a thousand
Ways to provide for us, that we know nothing about.
Here is your financial blessing!

It's a simple prayer, do you have 30 Seconds?
Don't sleep on this...Someone recently read this for the first time and Received exactly enough for a $0 balance on all credit cards.

If you need a financial blessing, continue reading this e-mail.

Heavenly Father, most Gracious and Loving God,
I pray to you that you
Abundantly bless my family and me.
I know that you recognize, that a
Family is more than just a mother, father, sister,
brother, husband and
Wife, but all who believe and trust in You.

GOD, I send up a prayer request
for financial blessing for not only the
Person who sent this to me,
but for me and all that I have forwarded This message on to.
And that the power of joined prayer by those who Believe and trust in you is more powerful than anything.!
I thank you in Advance for your blessings.
God, deliver the person reading this right
Now from debt and debt burdens.

Release your Godly wisdom that I may be a good steward over all that you Have given me GOD, for I know how wonderful and mighty you are and how If we just obey you and walk in your word and have the faith of a Mustard seed that you will pour out blessings.
I thank you now Lord for the recent blessings I have received and for the blessings yet to come,
Because I know you are not done with me yet.
In Jesus name Amen

TAKE 60 SECONDS and send this on quickly and within hours, you will have Caused a multitude of people to pray to God for each other. Then sit back and watch the power of God work in your life for doing the thing That you know He loves. Peace and Blessings.....
Have Faith

8 angels are sent 2 you,

You must send them to 8 people including me (I sent it to more than 8 and so can you) .

In 8 minutes you will receive something you have long waited.

JUst copy it and send to your people!!


Chriss kufanya tour Ya kuwashukuru mashabiki!!

The same day Rihanna released the artwork and audio stream of her newest single ‘Russian Roulette’ her ex boyfriend Chris Brown released tour dates for his special “selected venues only” tour dedicated to his loyal fans who supported him through difficult times this year.

Chris will kick off his small scale tour on November 14 at House of Blues in Houston and have the last show on December 15 at Nokia Theater in New York City.

According to Brown’s team, the tour is “conceptualized for and with “fans only” in mind, so intimate venues were selected for these concerts.”

Besides thanking his fans for support, Chris is planning to use this tour to raise money for the good cause. A part of the proceeds will be donated to Best Buddies International, a non-profit organization devoted to providing friendships, jobs and leadership opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The tour will also benefit The Jenesse Centera, domestic-violence intervention organization, revealed.

Chriss anasema...
" The expectations of me by people are far more greater than what I think I’m capable of,” Chris, 21 wrote on his blog. “God give me strength. If I couldn’t dream, would I believe that there could be a you and me. And if I couldn’t sing would you be able to hear my melody.”

Hii ndio ratiba ya tour hiyo....

Fan Appreciation tour dates:

Nov 14 – Houston at House of Blues
Nov 15 – Dallas at Palladium
Nov 18 – Los Angeles at Avalon
Nov 19 – San Francisco at The Fillmore
Nov 22 – Richmond, Virginia at Landmark
Nov 25 – Detroit at Royal Oak
Nov 26 – Chicago at House of Blues
Nov 29 – Ft. Lauderdale, Florida at Revolution
Dec 01 – Atlanta at CenterStage
Dec 04 – Washington, D.C. at Warner Theater
Dec 05 – Providence, Rhode Island at Lupo’s
Dec 06 – Boston at House of Blues
Dec 09 – Sayreville, New Jersey at Starland
Dec 11 – Baltimore at Sonar
Dec 12 – Wallingford, Connecticut at Chevrolet Theater
Dec 13 – Philadelphia at Electric Factory
Dec 15 – New York at Nokia Theater



Rangi Asilia ni kila kitu kwa mwanamke!!

Kila mwanamke amejaliwa rangi na mvuto kulingana na umbo na muonekano wake!! lakini baadhi ya wanawake wanashindwa kulijua hilo na kuanza kujichubua na kuleta muonekano na rangi zisizo zao!! na swala linalowapelekea kufanya hayo yote ni kulewa umaarufu na kutaka kujibadilisha wakidhani ndo watapendeza na kuvutia zaidi, kumbe wanajipotezea uzuri wao na kujipunguzia hata ile staha ya kuitwa mwanamke....
nasema haya yote kwa kuwa siku chache zilizopita nilikutana na Mtangazaji maarufu wa radio bibie Dina Marios na alinifurahisha kwa kuwa anaipenda sana rangi yake nyeusi na anajitahidi kwa kila khali kuitunza ili isije kuharibika na kupunguza mvuto katika ngozi yake..... je unadhani na wewe unapaswa kufanya hivyo?? uzuri si rangi nyeupe ila ni matunzo ya ngozi na jinsi gani unapangilia mavazi na muonekano wako mbele ya watu wanaokuona!!

la Muhimu, be comfortable with what your wearing na hakikisha unavaa nguo zinazoendana na wewe, oversize kwa mtu mwembamba si fashion na pia nguo za kubana kwa mtu mnene si fashion.. vaa nguo ambayo inaushika mwili wako kidogo ili isiwe bughuza kwako....

Baada ya kujua nguo zinazokufaa angalia accesories za kukufanya ung'ae zaidi, kwa mwanaume saa na bracelet zinasaidia kuongeza mvflani na kwa wanawake hereni na vicheni flani vidogo dogo vinakupa muonekano maradufu. . . usivae vae tu bora mradi unavaa, hakikisha unavutia ndugu yangu... dunia ya sasa hivi bila mvuto hauthaminiki....

Shukurani za dhati kwa model wangu Dina Marios!! maana ndo ameniwezesha nisidownload picha na nikatumia picha reall

Hot and fresh is what we are talking about!!

Known as SHEDEE, she is the one producing da number one Radio Show (XXL)
Openly she has her own way of doing her things...... unajua kuna show inaitwa Blogs?? unajua itakuwa station gani ya tv? na lini? Ask Shedee atakuambia!!

its fashion police on her!! check her shoes, jeans and accesories!!! duh! its simple bring bring!!

The one and only Cute-GAngStar

Is she Sexy or just a beautiful chick?

Zamradi Mketema....

Lovely and cute Smile is what she always have....

Young and fresh Radio presenter, who has alot for Entertainment industry!!


is Justin single???

Adding fuel to the circulating rumors of possible break up, Justin Timberlake’s grandma said JT was “single” and entirely focused on his career.

Wait a minute, what about his girlfriend of two-and-a-half-years Jessica Biel?

According to the source quoting Timberlake’s family as saying, Justin is not committed to the long-term relationship with Jess. While we all know Biel is waiting for the day when Justin (finally) puts a ring on her finger, the 28 yo heartthrob has other plans for the future, and Jessica is hardly a part of them at all.

Jessica was keen to marry, but Justin isn’t ready,” Timberlake’s granny Sadie Bomar told the source. “He’s busy writing new material and he works hard to be successful – he’s really focused on that. As far as we’re concerned, he’s always been single. The girlfriends come and go, but we believe nothing has ever been serious,” she concluded adding that “Justin does his own thing and he isn’t ready to marry just yet.”

Wondering if Jessica Biel, who’s now busy shooting her new movie A-Team in Canada, is aware of the news.

Do you think Justin and Jessica are better off alone?


Inasemekana hawa ndio Vijana wenye mvuto zaidi Tanzania

Tv presenter and Copy writer(Abba Seduu)

Model and Actor (Om Josh)

Tv Host and redio Presenter... Hamis B Mandi (B-dozen)

Ali K(Musician)Who has got alot of music tour around Europe recently

Benny Kinyaiya (Tv Presenter)and Director of Entertainment company

Mwampamba Mwisho

The best voice over guy in tanzania!! Terence

Moracka(Bongo sexiest boy)and musician

Abdul sykes or dully sykes(Musician)

Rn'B singer Makamua

Professional photographer(RaqeY)

Actor(Steven kanumba)

Known As Eddie, but he goes by the name Edward Msilanga, he is the one among top male models in tanzania Who are now Having good and happy life!

Hao tuu? inamaana wengine kwakuwa wamekuwa ndani ya mahusiano au? '

RED is the best colour for Soulja boy?

Am da number 1.

my style

my bring bring

Brad na Julie wanampango wa kuongeza familia!!

Six kinds are sometimes more than enough for any average family, but when it comes to Hollywood’s high-profile couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt six children under the age of 9 are just the beginning.

In her interview for British Stylist Magazine’s October 2009 issue Angie confirmed the possibility of expanding the big family:

I can see further additions to the family – both adopted and our own,” she said.

A source close to the couple added that Jolie and Pitt are planning to adopt and have more biological children, if possible.

They want one more biological baby and an adopted baby – for now,” the source said. “Some people get addicted to drugs and alcohol, but Brad and Angie are addicted to children.”

Sounds weird and apparently stressful for the kids, both newly adopted and already living in the family. According to psychotherapist Jenn Berman, author of The A to Z Guide to Raising Happy, Confident Kids, “rescuing children out of third world countries is wonderful, but it’s very stressful each time another person who has his or her own needs and demands and who’s also competing for attention and love is brought into a family,” reported.

Utajiri walionao unawaruhusu jamani!! am happy for them


Hadi nao wanacheat??

Haya sasa mama Mbwa na watoto ni paka!! what are u goin to explain?

Angel's wanakuletea Miss tourism Kagera Na Iringa kwa mwaka huu

Wadu wa ulimbwende na walimbwende wenyewe mnakaribishwa katika miss tourism inayoandaliwa na Angel's intertainment kwa mwaka huu..... kwa maelezo zaidi wasiliana na Organiser kwa number 0755259488


TMH yajianika mbele ya Rais


Sisi ni wabunifu na wanamitindo wetu mheshimiwa raisi!! tunakupenda sana ila tunaomba utupie jicho lako katika sanaa yetu ya ubunifu.....huku ni vilio kila kukicha

Fransisca alionyesha uwezo wake mbele ya Raisi

Mustafa hassanali huyu hapa!!angalia details katika ubunifu wake!!

Vityu vya Hadija ndani ya ngurdoto

Channel Iman Na tyra banks wa bongo wanakwambia tupo bomba kuliko maelezo...altitude!!!

Founder wa TMH akionyesha mapenzi ya dhati kwa wabunifu wenzake wa mavazi.. Hapa Hadija mwanamboka akiwa na mustafa hassanali

mheshimiwa rais alipata wasaa wa kusakata rumba na waliohudhuria shughuli hii!!


12 inches shoes has been lauched on Paris fashion week!!

Alexander macQueens ndio aliyelaunch hivi viatu

Its kinda old fashion lakini ndio vinarudi kwa kasi, swala ni je Tanzania watapatikana wavaaje? hizo inches 3 zinawavaaji wachache, je kumi na mbili?

This Englishman is 100% designer crazy! His creations have always been anything but ordinary, but the shoes from his latest Spring/Summer 2010 collection presented at Paris Fashion Week a couple of days ago are totally surreal and apparently impossible to wear.

Haute Couture? You bet!

At his show inspired by Charles Darwin’s The Origin Of The Species, designer dressed his models in colorful, elaborate skins and incredible crystal-studded 12-inch-high platform shoe-boots

JLo arudi katika game after two years of maternity leave

Jenny from the block is back to the music scene, watch out GaGa and Katy Perry!

Jennifer Lopez is back from the two-years-something maternity leave presenting her newest single created in collaboration with Pitbull.

The dance track, ‘Fresh Out Of The Oven’, has been leaked online with a budget-friendly (= boooring) video featuring a curvaceous lady named Lola.

Has J Lo got an artistic alter ego? (See Beyonce and Sasha Fierce)

The answer is no. Lola is Jennifer’s creation for one song only, the singer-turned-actress-turned-designer said.

Lola is just for this song, it’s not her ongoing persona,” says a source close to the singer, according to People. “It’s something fun. She hasn’t become Sasha Fierce. There won’t be anything to do with Lola on her Love? album.”

Good to hear that. Alter egos are getting so boring these days.

According to sources, ‘Fresh Out Of The Oven’ will not be included in the new album that hits music stores in January 2010.

kwanini matunda mengine yanaiogopa ndizi?


Harufu mbaya katika nyeti.. unajua chanzo?

Kuna vijana wengi wamekuwa wanakumbwa na tatizo la kutoa harufu katika maeneo nyeti.. hili tatizo lipo na mimi binafsi linanikera ndio maana naamua kulieleza leo ili watu wajirekebishe hasa wanaume sisi.. Yaani hii inaboa na najua hata mademu zetu wanakereka ila wanashindwa la kufanya kwa kuwa wanatupenda! ila kwanini tuwape wademu zetu nawengine wachumba zetu karaha wakati tunaweza kuepukana na hii aibu?

Sababu kubwa ya tatizo hili ni:

1.Kuvaa nguo ya ndani kwa muda mrefu...

2.Kuvaa nguo ya ndani bila ya kujikausha vizuri hivyo kubakiwa na unyevu..

3. Kuvaa nguo za ndani zisizoendana na khali ya hewa ya eneo uloishi...

4. kushindwa kuoga au kujisafisha nyeti baada ya kumaliza kuzini au kufanya tendo la ndoa kwa walio oa!!

Hizo ni baadhi ya sababu kubwa na njia rahisi na kuepukana na tatizo hili ni:

Jitahidi kuoga mara tatu kwa siku au mbili kama ni mtu uliye bize na kazi..
na mara baada ya kuoga jikaushe vizuri kwa kutumia taulo lililotengenezwa kwa pamba..

Boxers au chupi za material ya mpira si nzuri kwa mikoa ya joto kama Dar es salaam, Morogoro na dodoma kwa kuwa zinasababisha joto amablo hupelekea kutoa harufu....

Vaa boxer za matelia ya pamba ni bora zaidi na kufanya maeneo nyeti kuwa makavu wakati wote....

pia hakikisha huvai nguo ya ndani kwa zaidi ya siku moja!!

Nakuhakikishia ukifanya hivyo uatakuwa msafi na kuvutia muda wote hata mahusiano yako na mpenzi wako yatadumu na kuwa yafuraha zaidi...

Inakuhusu hata wewe

Mambo vp? nafurahi sana kwa kuwa umepata muda wa kupita katika blog yangu! that is the good thing coz naamini utapata ujumbe ambao nimepanga kuufikisha kwa kila anayepita hapa! am happy kwa wenye nia njema wanapita na kusoma na kucomment sometimes kulingana na nilichokipost kwa siku hiyo...
La muhimu hasa linalonifanya kuandika hapa ni kwamba.. hii blog ni yangu I mean its more personal and its for me and my people... siwezi kuwaeleza watu wote ninayotaka kuwaambia kwa njia ya simu au kuonana nao live lakini blog yangu hunisaidia sana katika hilo ndio maana nikawa na hii blog... ninapost kila ninachotaka mimi na sio unachotaka wewe.. hivyo sioni sababu ya wewe kukaa na kuzungumzia about Martin and his blog.. nimekutuma uifungue ni kiranga chako kilichokutuma? na kuandika comment nimekuomba au umejisikia kupost ur comments? so plz ukiona sijaweza comments zako ujue ni zakipuuzi ndio maana huwa nachambua na kuweka comment zinazofaa na zisizofaa nazipotezea kwa sababu picha ninazoweka humu ni za watu ninao waheshimu sana na kuwachukulia kama rafiki ingawa sio wote.. hivyo huwa sioni umuhimu wa kuiweka post yako ikiwa unabifu zako binafsi, mfate muhusika na umweleze na sio through My blog Pls!! nafurahi sana pindi unapoitembelea blog yangu but huwa nakereka pindi ninapokutana na comments za ajabu ajabu!!

Tubadilike na kuwa na jamii endelevu.. for how long are u goin to be stupids? fanya jambo la maana kulingana na muda ulionao na sio kupoteza muda kwa kuongea pumba... kama unaona huna la muhimu goolge a few stuffs and read in order to build Your mind.... kuna mambo mengi ya kimaisha na afya yako kwa ujumla unapaswa kuyajua lakini unaona hiyo hafai unakaa kuzungumzia watu!!! why???

Openly am really disapointed and nimeona nikikaa kimya haisaidi ni bora kuwa na clear mind kwa kutoa dukuduku langu ambalo limekuwa likinipa tabu kulifikiria....



Nansi Sumary alipoteza mbaya katika Red Carpet... the dress was wow with alot of Details...

Nipo Ki MJ zaidi...

It's Yo boy!! Jr

Romeo Has Alot for u, Stay tuned for unTold flaver

zamaradi: Ali kiba vua bwana miwani nikuinterview...!! ukiziba macho unakatisha stimu

Lisa Jensen, Ali rehmtula na Jackline waling'ara tu

Kulia(Mully B) alikuwa simple but Smart!! aling'ara na machizi wake...

How Do i look with my new hair Do?

Hata usiposema, tunajijua tunang'ara!! au sio Salma?

Mishi bomba with her Hair Do!!

First Lady wa I-view photography akiwa na shamimu wa 8020, walinoga hao!!

Mshindi wa Face of TZ kwa mwaka jana amerudi nchini ili kukabidhi taji kwa mshindi wa mwaka huu.... naye aling'ara sana na watu wake wa karibu

Host wa Tv Shows mwenye ndoto za kufanya mapinduzi(Zamaradi) Aling'ara ile mbaya na Young Movie Star Elizabeth

Tv Presenters Waling'ara ile mbaya...
From left Babuu wakitaa, Romeo na Jr for real

Usiponiweka katika blog wewe.....

Not that Much!! i dont know what happened....?

The most atractive Model wa mwaka 2008, Belina nae aling'ara sana na rafiki zake!! Her hair style was Great!!

Flaviana na Best friends waling'ara kwa Jinsi walivyopenda wao!

Familia ya Sandra mabeleka Mpo juu sana!!

Nilikuwepo pia!!

Sipendi Shobo!! nitawazungua!!! cant u see am bussy?