these are the reason why some girls have sex!!

“I have sex for pleasure about 50 percent of the time. The other 50 percent of the time, I have sex with my boyfriend to make him happy. He’s insatiable. I’m happier with non-intercourse make-out sessions! There have been isolated times in the past when I’ve done it because I was drunk or stoned and it seemed like a fun idea at the time. In high school, I did it because my prom date said he was going to roll over and fall asleep unless I did it with him. Kind of date rape-y, right?”

“I have sex with someone because I’m hot for that someone. There have been times when I’ve done it just because they are hot or I care about them ... but otherwise, I’m single and can be as selfish as I want. Only if I am totally into them will I be accommodating their needs, if they aren’t the same as mine.”

“Asking why I have sex is kind of like asking, ‘Why do you eat chocolate?’ ‘Why do you like getting massages?’ ‘Why do you listen to music?’ Because it’s one of the great joys of life.”

“Generally, I have sex because I enjoy it. You know, I’m horny and I want to be with a person who gets me off. But there have been times when I had sex for reasons other than romance and passion—mostly to make my partner happy. In my last relationship, the spark had kind of died, but I still loved him. He had a big appetite for sex and so I would usually have sex with him because I could usually get into it even if I didn’t start out, uh, amorous, and because it would take care of him feeling like I didn’t desire him. Looking back I realize, oh wait, I really DIDN’T desire him. Weird.”

“I’m not seeing anyone right now, except my ex. I mostly have sex because I’m in the mood and haven’t seen him in awhile. Earlier this year I had sex with another ex because he had cooked me dinner a few times and had no idea I was still pining for him. I did it because I thought I owed him. And I wanted to.”

Do u think its true?

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  1. Anonymous01:07

    U sound like me, I always have sex when I feel sex. I currently dont see anyone but If I am horny and there is someone who will make me more horny I definetly go for it. Sex is healthy and its good for the brain too! huh!
    After I broke up with my ex, I looked for opportunity to get in bed again with him so that he could get the clear picture of what am gonna do to my new men in bed!And I did, and he got the message right and still wants more of me, but am done sexing him!
    Its good to feel sexy and to do it ofcource,I always do it whenever I feel it and during that act I don't think of anything except SEX, its like the whole world is closed behind me! huh! try having sex while your mind is on it, you definetly gonna enjoy to ORGASM!


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