How was Your first kiss? lets share the stories.. these are some of my friends

I still remember mine, it was confusing and sad.
He was the rebel son of the local church pastor and so very handsome. My stomach was in butterflies when he looked at me and of course I snuck peeks at him whenever I thought he wasn’t looking. Because he was the pastors son, I was given permission to ride alone with him in his car to brunch after church or anywhere the kids were going. After all, what parent didn’t trust the pastor's son? At one of these group events, we walked away from the crowd and he kissed me. At first it was sweet, but then when he tried to stick his tongue in my mouth I didn’t understand and I resisted. I braced my lips so tightly closed that there was no way. He got angry, called me some unflattering name and stomped away back to the group. I was humiliated and thought for sure everyone knew, but if they did, no one let on. He never flirted with me again and my butterflies were gone too. It was years later before I met someone who I really wanted to share loving and intimate kisses with. So the pastor's son was just too soon, and too impatient with a young girls first crush.

Today that memory is funny to me.

Anna Mwakandu

First Kiss: Summer in Sixth Grade

My first kiss was acutally, well MANY kisses! I was hopelessly stricken with feelings for a beautiful fellow classmate in the sixth grade! The summer after our sixth grade year, we decide to "go together" - whatever that meant at the time, oh so many years ago! Regardless, I was smitten with her - dark brown hair (have always been partial to brunettes since then), perfectly smooth olive skin, dark, dark brown eyes that invited me into their depths, full, perfect lips that curled in the sexiest smile I had ever seen.

Well, since it was summer, we joined our friends at the community pool every day... and every day, we would seclude ourselves in the deep end of the pool, take a deep breath, drop beneath the surface of the water and "practice" our kissing! We felt we were safe from prying eyes - had a place of our own - to explore the newly discovered art of kissing! Heaven, Hot and Cool all at once!

I will always remember her - always! Two summers ago, our small high school graduating class held a reunion and guess what surfaced as a topic of conversation - not just between my dear friend and me, but many of our friends who marveled at our audacity and courage as adolescents oh so many years ago? You guessed it, our kissing!

Well, although the years have passed and life has worn away much of our youth, she is is still that long, lean sexy thing who opened my heart to the art of kissing! We are both happily married, but just for that one night, we posed for flashing cameras - yep - in a playful lip lock! Heaven!

Mark Hundley

First Kiss: One Light, One Love

My first kiss was when I was 14 years old. The boy was a friend of my cousin's. I adored him. I don't remember any details other than it was in my country driveway with Dad flipping the porch light on and off to let me know it was time to come in. This boy was my first love, I think. He is in my heart and recently we have had time to reconnect at family funeral luncheons with his wife and grandchildren.

My TRUE FIRST KISS really took place about 18 years ago under a star-filled sky outside of the private college where we both worked. It was the kiss I had been searching for my entire life!!!! This kiss opened my heart and soul and transported us to Heaven on Earth. Within days, love poems began flowing through me in the wee hours of the morning, resulting in 36 poems in 9 months. My first book, ONE LIGHT ONE LOVE, was birthed in 1993. Shortly after, I co-created a music CD with a local guitarist in just 15 half days. Another miracle. Both are now available together in a numbered Limited Edition from me.

Since that FIRST TRUE KISS and the LOVE we share, more than 10 books have come forth through me. My Beloved is now a writer, too! OUR STORY is being written with each breath, thought, touch and kiss. And we are BLESSED beyond measure!


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