DayOut with my Kidbro and friends(Katongo and Patrisia)

Me and my Upcoming Star Ombeni

My kidbro, my beautiful lady patrisia and Myself... I truly love this people because they always make me smile during my weekends... Am wishing Lucky Ombeni in his studies and his future plan.. because he always tells me what he really want to became in future.. Lets support him kipindi atakapokuwa tayari kupambana...

Good Friend Katongo.. Mykidbro Ombeni and I myself


Learn from Her Confidency

Body Language- How to Appear More Confident

For those people Who are not confident Enough.. am giving You a way of having Self Confidency throug Beautiful Lady Zamaradi Mketema!!

Just as your body language can betray your nerves, it can also make you appear as if you are exuding confidence. It is far better to appear confident than to appear nervous. People will be like you more, and no-one will try and take advantage of you.

Believe it or not, ACTING confidently will make you FEEL more confident. You will find that if you put on a show of confidence then slowly but surely the act that you are trying to put on will permeate your subconscious and you will lose the jitters that you may have had before. It is not a one way relationship and you will eventually begin to believe in yourself. It doesn't take long either- a few deep breaths and a smile, and you'll feel more confident in 30 seconds! If you put the act on for long enough then you will find that it is no longer an act, although you probably will not be able to distinguish when the act of confidence was overtaken by your own inner sense of your self. In the same way that smiling can make you feel happier, projecting an image of confidence will make you believe in yourself far more than you ever thought possible.

Her Body speaks alot about Her Personality!! Am truly loving her!!


Hot Male celebrities in the world

Trey Songz, born Tremaine Aldon Neverson in Petersburg, Virginia on November 28, 1984, is an American contemporary R&B singer and songwriter

His debut album was Gotta Make It, released by Atlantic Records in 2005. Inspired musically by R&B artists from the 1960s and 1970s such as Smokey Robinson and Aretha Franklin as well as contemporary artists such as Luther Vandross and R.Kelly, the young star debuted in 2005 with great fanfare to a music genre starved for new young talent.

Growing up in the small town of Petersburg, Virginia, Trey Songz did not always have a musical career in mind. When he was a child he did not receive any rigorous voice or piano lessons but instead was engaged in the normal activities for a child of his age. His mother, however, seeing his ability, encouraged him to develop his singing talent by entering local talent shows, many of which he won. With these victories he began to make a name for himself. By age 16, Songz’s notoriety enabled him to meet his producer and mentor Troy Taylor, a veteran music producer who has worked with artists such as Patti Labelle, Lionel Richie, & Whitney Houston. Impressed by the phenom’s gorgeous tenor voice, Taylor encouraged him to focus on a career in popular music.

Andre Birleanu, born August 7th, 1982 in Moscow, Soviet Union, is a Russian model best known as one of the contestants of the VH1 competitive reality television series "America’s Most Smartest Model."

Son of two diplomats, Birleanu grew up in Romania. He is the only child of Mr. Vladimir and Mrs. Carmen Birleanu. His father is a world known name in internation criminal law who handled cases such as war crimes, hum trafficking, modern slavery, narcostics, weapons, and so on. His mother, who unfortunately passed away recently, used to work for the United Nations in NYC.

Birleanu is an extraordinary model who is fluent in five different languages and has been building his modeling career by booking direct jobs through world renowned top agencies such as Boss Models in NYC, Next Models in South Beach Miami, and Los Angeles as well as Ford in Chicago. He has worked with industry's top fashion photographers such as Steven Klein, Rainer Hosch, Nathaniel Goldberg and Nigel Barker just to name a few. His journey to date has been an incredible one filled with unlimited potential.

Antonio Rojas, born October 19, in Caracas, Venezuela, is a Venezuela model and TV host.

Rojas comes from a family of 12 brothers where he is the youngest of the boys.

Rojas had devoted 5 years to modeling. He participated in Mister Venezuela in 2003, Mister Beach in 2004 and won the second edition Chico Beach Fashion Show, which he also won the title of Best Body.

In search of new horizons, Rojas auditioned in an open casting by the production team of TV program "Ají Picante" (Hot Pepper) and was selected to replace the departing host Hector Pena

Cody Rhodes (real name: Cody Runnels), born June 30, 1985, in Marietta, Georgia, is an American professional wrestler, currently signed by World Wrestling Entertainment (as of 2009) where he wrestles on its Raw brand.

Rhodes is a former three time World Tag Team Champion, having won the championship once with Hardcore Holly and twice with Ted DiBiase.

As the son of WWE Hall of Famer the “American Dream” Dusty Rhodes, Rhodes grew up admiring his father and watching him capture the imagination of wrestling fans worldwide. Now he is ready to carry on his father’s legacy while carving out one of his own in WWE.

David Beckham.It takes the effort of an extraordinary and talented player to take the game to new levels, and David Beckham is the kind of player that makes fans stand up.

The almost meteoric rise to fame of David Beckham had humble beginnings. His father, David Edward Beckham, known as Ted, was a gas fitter's mate and Sandra West was a hairdresser when they married in 1969 in Hoxton, east London, and spent their honeymoon in Bognor Regis before returning to a terraced house in Leytonstone. Three children followed - Lynne in 1972, David in 1975 and Joanne in 1982. His father had dreamed of being a footballer as a boy; now the dream would be passed on to David.

By the age of eight, Beckham was scoring more than a hundred goals over three seasons for his team, Ridgeway Rovers of the Enfield District League; at 11, watching Blue Peter, he saw a piece about Bobby Charlton's Soccer Skills Tournament. He won, with the highest score ever, and he won at Old Trafford, the home of the tournament and of Manchester United. The lifelong devotion of Beckham to United - "There was never another team for me" -handed down from his father, was a source of some puzzlement to his resolutely southern friends and team-mates.

Kang Ji Seob, born on February 6, 1981, is a Korean actor and part-time model.

Standing 6'-1" and 175 pounds, Ji Seob, has only started acting a few years ago. He landed his first television role in the popular Korean TV series Love in Heaven (2005).

His hobbies include golf and swimming.

Marcus Patrick born in Bath, England, is an actor. His father was of English, Irish, and French descendance. His mother was born of Jamaican, Cuban, and Cherokee descendance. He is the middle child and has two sisters.

Despite a tumultuous childhood which is another story for another time, Marcus excelled in piano, voice, gymnastics and swimming. He also took up Tae Kwon Do, and became the Junior and Men's Heavyweight champion.

For a while, Marcus was intent on becoming a professional fighter, but then realized that his violence was fueled by a history of physical abuse, and decided he could fight no longer. Instead, he turned to singing, and at the age of 17, he auditioned with Simon Cowell of American Idol fame, and toured in a boy band until he was 20, at which time he went solo, with Simon acting as Agent and Manager.

As a result, Marcus pursued the dream of coming to America and supported himself as a Personal Trainer as he started taking acting lessons. He finally started booking roles via Eric Morris, and he was on his way.

Arriving Los Angeles, he continued perfecting his acting and met up with Gar Lester of JLA Talent, who saw the potential in Marcus to become something truly substantial. Together they have built up quite an impressive resume including several feature films and TV guest star appearances including Dirty Laundry; Beyond the Break, CSI: Miami. Now Marcus has landed the role of Jamal Cudahy on ABC-TV's All My Children.

Arlen Escarpeta
, born April 9, 1981, is an African American actor and athlete.

Arlen Escarpeta

Not many people can star on the gridiron and stage at the same time but Arlen Escarpeta managed to balance both a few years ago, serving as captain of the football team while performing in several drama productions as part of the arts-magnet program at Hollywood High School.

“Fortunately, I didn’t have to make a choice,” says Escarpeta, who also ran track and sang at his graduation ceremonies. “I had a very understanding football coach…I suppose it helped that one of the coaches was an actor too!”

Escarpeta is a native of Belize (formerly British Honduras) in Central America who came to the United States after his father, a construction worker, died when he was 3. His mother, a manager for a dental office, settled in Los Angeles where her young son began to sing and dance in the Young Saints Scholarship Foundation. At 9, Escarpeta was cast in the title role of his elementary school’s stylized production of “Hamlet” and was won over by the applause he received at the final curtain.

On “American Dreams,” Escarpeta portrays a teenager – who also runs track and plays basketball – at the University of Pennsylvannia during the social turmoil of the 1960s. “He’s very close to who I am,” he says. “He has a sense of humor and has something to say about his world then and I have something to say about ours today.”

In his leisure time, Escarpeta prefers to draw cartoon characters (“I’m a cartoon fanatic”), read non-fiction and restore his 1964 Volkswagen Beetle sedan. He’s also a Los Angeles Laker and Dallas Cowboy fan, and remains active working for the Young Saints Scholarship Foundation.

Justin Timberlake, born January 31, 1981 in Memphis, Tennessee, is an American singer and actor who came to fame as the front man of the pop band *NSYNC.

In 2002, Timberlake released his debut solo album. Justified went on to sell over 7 million copies worldwide and solidified Timberlake's position as a pop superstar. In 2004, Justified was honored with two Grammys. Timberlake's second album is due for release in summer 2006.

Timberlake was born to Randall Timberlake (the son of a Baptist minister) and Lynn Harless. His career began after a childhood stint on the American television talent show Star Search, when he became a cast member of The New Mickey Mouse Club teenage variety show. His co-stars on the show included fellow pop singers Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, actors Ryan Gosling and Keri Russell as well as *NSYNC bandmate JC Chasez

Justin Timberlake has always been famous for his high voice, seen in songs such as "Like I Love You", "Cry Me A River", "Senorita," and all of his singles with *NSYNC. Justin is a true tenor and has the same range as a female alto or even a mezzo. He does occasionally exhibit some of the techniques that countertenors use, although he isn't currently classified as such. It has been reported that Timberlake has been taking singing lessons to deepen his voice, but this is as yet unconfirmed.

In 2002 Justin Timberlake performed his first single Like I Love You for the first time anywhere at the 2002 MTV Video Music Awards. The performance was criticized, due to Justin's poor vocals, Michael Jackson-like dancing, and the fact that the rappers Clipse's microphones were too low in pitch. Despite this, his debut album Justified sold over 439,000 copies in its first week of release.

Marko Jara
, born January 3, 1986 in San Jose, is a Costa Rican singer.

Jara was first discovered in 2006 when he appeared as a contestant on a Mexican TV competition called "Cantando por un Sueño" ("Singing for a Dream"), in which celebrities were paired with non-celebrities to sing together before a panel of judges. He was listed as a non-celebrity -- paired with the TV host and journalist Laura Rodríguez.

Jara is also a member of a musical band "Groupo Calle 8" where he is one of the lead singers, currently touring the U.S. performing live shows at clubs in New Jersey, Miami, Washington, and Virginia, among others.

Am shocked!!!

Please watahadharishe wabongo wenzetu maana na sie kwa kupenda promotion hatujambo.

This is happening in Kenya right now so lets be alert as we might be the next victim
as we are implementing 3G in Tanzania, please! take note and inform your family
members and friends as well. see the forwarded message

Dear All,
this much is true..........
"It all started when I received a call from someone claiming that he was from
and he asked me to shutdown my phone for 2 hours for 3g update to take place. As I
was rushing for a meeting, I did not question and turned off my cell phone.
After 45 minutes I felt very suspicious since the caller did not even introduce his
name. I quickly turned on my cell phone and I received several calls from my family
members and the others were from the number
that had called me earlier - 3954380.
I called my parents and I was shocked that they sounded very worried asking me
whether I am safe.
My parents told me that they had received a call from someone claiming that they had
me with
them and asking for money to let me free. The call seemed so real and my parents
were certain they heard
'My voice' crying out loud asking for help.
My father was at the bank waiting for further instructions about the money transfer.
I told my parents that I am safe and asked them to lodge a police report.
Right after that I received another call from the guy asking me to shutdown my cell
phone for
another 1 hour which I refused to do and hung up. They keep calling my cell
phone. I have lodged a complaint with the police and I was
informed by the officer that there were many reports of similar scams. MOST of the
reported that the victim had already transferred the money!
And of course it is impossible to get back the money.
Be careful as this kind of scam could happen to any of us!!!
These guys are so professional and very convincing during calls. If you are asked to
shut down your cell phone for updates by the service provider, do not do so!
The service providers will hopefully place adverts to that effect in the media...

Be Safe and Stay Alert!
Please pass around to your family and friends!
Have a good one....

Taarifa kwa msaada wa


The perfume am using right now

Official am Using Dolce And Gabbana

Social BLUE SEDUCTION is my number one....

Its not a bad thing to smell good for a man... it helps to build your personality in a way!!

Umodo cames with New force Revolution








I think i should go for this thing.... Brother Taji is full of suprises...

For me habari kuhusu hili tafadhali tembelea blog ya umodo


Fresh and Back to my Happy life

All the times....

Me.I and my self..

Be proud of Yourself

Black and White is my best nowdays!!


Lather jacket do wonders!!

Sometimes we need to get a little smile to make our life easy!!

Much focus....


How was Your first kiss? lets share the stories.. these are some of my friends

I still remember mine, it was confusing and sad.
He was the rebel son of the local church pastor and so very handsome. My stomach was in butterflies when he looked at me and of course I snuck peeks at him whenever I thought he wasn’t looking. Because he was the pastors son, I was given permission to ride alone with him in his car to brunch after church or anywhere the kids were going. After all, what parent didn’t trust the pastor's son? At one of these group events, we walked away from the crowd and he kissed me. At first it was sweet, but then when he tried to stick his tongue in my mouth I didn’t understand and I resisted. I braced my lips so tightly closed that there was no way. He got angry, called me some unflattering name and stomped away back to the group. I was humiliated and thought for sure everyone knew, but if they did, no one let on. He never flirted with me again and my butterflies were gone too. It was years later before I met someone who I really wanted to share loving and intimate kisses with. So the pastor's son was just too soon, and too impatient with a young girls first crush.

Today that memory is funny to me.

Anna Mwakandu

First Kiss: Summer in Sixth Grade

My first kiss was acutally, well MANY kisses! I was hopelessly stricken with feelings for a beautiful fellow classmate in the sixth grade! The summer after our sixth grade year, we decide to "go together" - whatever that meant at the time, oh so many years ago! Regardless, I was smitten with her - dark brown hair (have always been partial to brunettes since then), perfectly smooth olive skin, dark, dark brown eyes that invited me into their depths, full, perfect lips that curled in the sexiest smile I had ever seen.

Well, since it was summer, we joined our friends at the community pool every day... and every day, we would seclude ourselves in the deep end of the pool, take a deep breath, drop beneath the surface of the water and "practice" our kissing! We felt we were safe from prying eyes - had a place of our own - to explore the newly discovered art of kissing! Heaven, Hot and Cool all at once!

I will always remember her - always! Two summers ago, our small high school graduating class held a reunion and guess what surfaced as a topic of conversation - not just between my dear friend and me, but many of our friends who marveled at our audacity and courage as adolescents oh so many years ago? You guessed it, our kissing!

Well, although the years have passed and life has worn away much of our youth, she is is still that long, lean sexy thing who opened my heart to the art of kissing! We are both happily married, but just for that one night, we posed for flashing cameras - yep - in a playful lip lock! Heaven!

Mark Hundley

First Kiss: One Light, One Love

My first kiss was when I was 14 years old. The boy was a friend of my cousin's. I adored him. I don't remember any details other than it was in my country driveway with Dad flipping the porch light on and off to let me know it was time to come in. This boy was my first love, I think. He is in my heart and recently we have had time to reconnect at family funeral luncheons with his wife and grandchildren.

My TRUE FIRST KISS really took place about 18 years ago under a star-filled sky outside of the private college where we both worked. It was the kiss I had been searching for my entire life!!!! This kiss opened my heart and soul and transported us to Heaven on Earth. Within days, love poems began flowing through me in the wee hours of the morning, resulting in 36 poems in 9 months. My first book, ONE LIGHT ONE LOVE, was birthed in 1993. Shortly after, I co-created a music CD with a local guitarist in just 15 half days. Another miracle. Both are now available together in a numbered Limited Edition from me.

Since that FIRST TRUE KISS and the LOVE we share, more than 10 books have come forth through me. My Beloved is now a writer, too! OUR STORY is being written with each breath, thought, touch and kiss. And we are BLESSED beyond measure!



She was my best on FOA 2010.....

Very Decent and Easy going......

Rossana your really killing me in This Pic....

You cant stop looking at her......

Hot smile.....

Rossana Hall... Beautiful Lady from zimbabwe who made to the Top three of Face of Africa this Year!!

Her Eyes speaks alot about her personality...............