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  1. Anonymous05:19

    Dear Martin, nimeamua andika hapa mana sikuwa na namna yeyote ile ya ku express hii kitu..! Martin, you have been such a great person to Wema, i mean the whole managing thing has changed her from all the odds past she came through. personally i'm great fan of her big time kias kwamba i can even turn into argument with my friends at hostel wondering why i support her..! but i think we both agree that its not good to judge people, i mean who are we to condemn some ones doing, bt i got a little bit concern after i saw Diamond's birthday pictures on different blogs, and i was like WTF is my angel doing and where the hell is Martin to stop this? well to me it is still fresh in my memory the whole drama and humiliation that good for nothing douche bag did to her on diamonds are forever night. even though they settled their difference and becomes friends, but this CLOSE friendship of ''dady ake'' i think Wema is over doing it, and soon enough she will go back to square one. It is very clear to me Diamond ni mswahili and realy know kutumia watu mostly her, after the drama he caused, kumchafua radion kwamba ashawah kumkuta gest akiwa na mwanaume and all those kind of shits that any decent guy would never say them publicly tena with a huge proud akaona raia mostly wanawake wanaanza kumpotezea na hata akiwa kwenye show watu wanaimba wema wema, the dude akaanza jipendekeza ile siku ya miss dar city centre if im nat mistaken kwa kujifanya kumwiimbia judge sepetu, hakuishia hapo, akaendelea kupost matukio mengi yanayomuhusu wema kwenye blog yake huku akitupia vimaneno vya uchokoz mpaka alipomaliza kazi pale alipo post maneno mengi kwenye birthday ya wema saying kwamba she means a lot kwake, sijui maskin Wema ndo akaona na yeye ali turn favor by attending the birthday nakupeleka cake ambayo to my opinion it carried un worth message, i understand my dear wema ana element za kizungu bt mshkaji hana hizo yan soon ataanza brag kwamba hata yeye anashangaa ulivompelekea cake yenye ujumbe kama ule kwenye birthday yake, trust me Martin that dude will come to say those words in just near future..! my point is, i beg you to tell her and if possible show her this message, i know she needs some one to tell her the black and white thing, if a guy mistreated you when u were in relationship he can NEVER be of difference in friendship, and hell no, you can not be close friends because a friend wouldnt hurt a friend that way, and it always start as friends...! and if imeshindikana kua just strangers with memory shared bas kama ni marafiki isiwe kiviiiiiiile, yan like wat it is going right now..! Martin pls bring back the Wema of may, june and july...! yan she was already win over the break up, had a house, car ,launch her movie, introduced her new look which i loved it...! i dont know wat happened lately, sijui vile ulivosafiri yani im just so confused and concern, again Martin, tell Wema to slow things down with that douche bag because he doesnt WORTH IT(saying it loud)....! thanx


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