Growing Up African...

Hello to everyone out there from Dar es salaam to Nairobi to Kampala and abroad in the States, Europe also Asia.

Since last year, people have been buzzing and talking about this new reality show that just transcends several barriers.
"Growing Up African" was an idea based upon a Tanzanian family. In this family are five siblings and a mother but their struggles,
personalities and attitudes can reflect the lives of any African household.

The family started out with their concept through internet based feedback primarily blogs & you tube in October 2010. Through the
support of blogs like yours they were able to garner enough support to breakthrough as a viable reality show. At the beginning of 2011
the family sent the producer of the show (Johnson Lujwangana) to Dar es salaam to speak with various tv networks.

Upon his arrival in Dar es salaam with the guidance of manager Herry Nasser, the concept received an overwhelming response.
People in East Africa love watching reality tv and shows like The Kardishians have been a focal point.

"Growing Up African" is unlike any other reality show presented because now the people of East Africa can relate to who they see.
It took hard work and convincing for EATV execs to foster the show onto their weekly program but everyone is excited.
Currently on air there are promos running for the next couple of weeks through radio and television.

The show will premier on Friday, March 25th, 2011 at 9:30pm in East Africa on EATV Channel 5.and u can still Catch the family on East Africa Television (EATV) Fridays @ 9:30pm, Saturdays @ 8:30pm, Sundays @ 12:30pm & Tuesdays @ 8:30pm
Thank you to everyone who has supported the show so far and it's just the beginning.
In our eyes the blogging community created this show from the start and we look forward to listening to your comments & advise.

For any further discussions please reach:
Herry Nasser - East Africa Manager
Mobile: +255 652 909311 Email:

Johnson Lujwangana through email at

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